Cassie Hack, 19.
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"Wh-what?! No! I mean, it’s kind of a nickname— but everyone’s been callin’ me that for so long it’s… not?" Okay, stammering behind a skull mask while still trying to keep a cool composure (which was failing. Horribly.) probably wasn’t the best idea. But at this point he was too nervous to flip it up.

"What am I… looking for?” He repeated, trying to make sense of the question. What was he looking for? Staring down, he glanced at the padding over his knees and— oh. Oh right! Straightning himself back up, Casey clenched his gloved fit in a sudden rush of confidence.
"I’m lookin’ for some heads to crack.”

She smirked. It was almost cute to see him stammer and try to reassure her. Definitely not a slasher. A slasher wouldn’t act like the guy was. 

"Then you and I are looking for the same thing," she said with a small chuckle, shaking her head. "But I doubt you’re any good at hunting the kind of prey I hunt." 


Casey’s eyes were still wide, mouth tense from behind his mask. He swallowed the lump in his throat— preparing himself for his inevitablely shakey reply. Cassie Hack? That name was cooler than his.

"I— uh— uhh…” What was his name again? Oh. Oh, right. “I’m Casey… Jones?” Wait, no, that wasn’t supposed to come out as a question! C’mon Case, you know your own name, don’tcha? He cleared his throat. Let’s try that again.
"I’m Casey Jones."

"Sounds like a fake name," she stated, not so sure about the… kid? He sounded like a teenager, or a young adult under that mask. 

"So, Casey Jones… what are you looking for?" she asked, resting her bat on the tip of her boot, minding the nails and barbed wire with an ease that suggested practice. 


"Cas…", he was silenced with a kiss, her lips finding his, surprising him. He didn’t question it…much too happy to find the goth Slasher slayer returned his affection after all. He melted into the kiss, laying back against the bed, his strong arms tugging her ontop of him.

"Mmm…", it felt different than when he was with Venus…it felt better with Cas. There was a wasn’t mechanical.He could feel the sparks fly.

Her blush deepened when he tugged her on top of him, never breaking the kiss, the long, loose shirt she wore to sleep riding up a little as she straddled his waist. She couldn’t think of anything, or of anyone but the man under her. She couldn’t let go, her lips exploring his as her hand slid over his pecs. “mmh…” she moaned softly. 

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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa… whoa-hoh-ho.

Casey had no idea who this woman was, but she was carrying around a bat covered in barbed wire and was quite possibly the hottest woman he’d ever seen. Whoa.

She was so pretty his even his infamous ‘charm’ had failed him, leaving him a sputtering, flustered mess from behind his mask.
"H… h— hey. I, uh— who… you?”

Masks. She hated them, except the two she came to see as familiar. Vlad’s, and Sam’s. 

"I’m Cassie Hack. Who are you?" she asked. She supposed that she could ask for his name, and if he made a threatening move, she’d bash his skull in later.


Cassie Hack (Hack / Slash) by Elizabeth Torque

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Do you hate men?


Ugh I stay getting this question…

I have the same emotions towards men as I did when I watched ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ live action movie, just vastly disappointed, confused, and emotionally drained from all the bullshit. 


Sam pulled back when he heard his name leave her lips. He frowned slightly….sure they had kissed a few times already, but never like this. Before it was always to help keep the dark way…this was something new, and he was afraid she hadn’t liked it.

"…I’m sorry, Cassandra…", he murmured, dropping his gaze from hers. "Please don’t be angry with me."

She nibbled her lip, hesitating. She never kept people close. Except maybe Vlad, but then only when she was confident he could handle himself. 

"I’m not…" she whispered almost shyly. She knew what she wanted. But was she ready? She wanted to be. "I’m not angry," she completed her sentence right before she leaned in to kiss him again. Just once, she could stop overthinking things and just enjoy the moment. 

She would ponder how wise it was to have a relationship with a slasher later. 

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